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General George G. Meade (1815-1872).

    The victor of Gettysburg, George G. Meade does not rank with the great captains of the Civil War in part because of his eclipse in the last year of the conflict by the presence of Grant with his army, and a journalistic conspiracy of silence. Born of American parents in Cadiz, Spain, December 31, 1815-where his father had run into financial and legal difficulties as a result of the Napoleonic Wars-he was appointed to West Point from Pennsylvania. Graduating in 1835, he served a year in the artillery before resigning to become a civil engineer. After some difficulty in finding employment he reentered the army in 1842 and earned a brevet in Mexico.
        His Civil War assignments included: captain, Topographical Engineers (since May 19, 1856); brigadier general, USV (August 31, 1861); commanding 2nd Brigade, McCall's Division, Army of the Potomac (October 3, 1861 - March 13, 1862); commanding 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 1st Corps, Army of the Potomac (March 13 - April 4, 1862); commanding 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, Department of the Rappahannock (April 4 - June 12, 1862); commanding 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 5th Corps, Army of the Potomac June 18-30, 1862); major, Topographical Engineers June 18, 1862); commanding lst Brigade, 3rd Division, 3rd Corps, Army of Virginia (August 26 - September 12, 1862); commanding 3rd Division, lst Corps, Army of the Potomac (September 12-17 and September 29-December 25, 1862); commanding the corps (September 17-29, 1862); major general, USV (November 29, 1862); commanding 5th Corps, Army of the Potomac (December 25, 1862 - January 26, 1863 and February 5-16 and February 28-june 28, 1863); commanding Center Grand Division, Army of the Potomac January 1863); commanding Army of the Potomac June 28, 1863 - December 30, 1864 and January 11 - June 27, 1865); brigadier general, USA July 3, 1863); and major general, USA (August 18, 1864).

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